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Property Appraisal

When you considering buying a house, a valuation report is almost always required for a mortgage application. This is to reassure the lender that the desired mortgage amount aligns with the actual value of the property.

Our appraisals are conducted meticulously and accurately, meeting the requirements of the National Mortgage Guarantee (in Dutch: NHG), the Dutch Property Value Institute (in Dutch: NWWI), and the Dutch Register of Valuers (in Dutch: NRVT). We compile a clear report with a comprehensive description of your property's value. We take into account all relevant factors such as location, maintenance condition, constructional aspects and sales potential.

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An appraiser from a recognized institution like MVA/NVM is an expert and independent professional who determines the value of the house, so this value can be considered in the mortgage application. Even if you've been living in the house for a while and don't plan on moving, it can be beneficial to have an appraisal done. If the newly appraised value is higher than the original purchase price of the house - on which your mortgage payments are based - your monthly costs could potentially be reduced. Thus, the costs of the appraisal will be recouped quickly!

Many MVA/NVM real estate agents are also appraisers. If you are seeking a reliable appraiser for purchasing a home in Amsterdam, or if you want insight into the value of your current home, we are here to assist you.

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